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‘Hybrid-working’ – A mix of office-based work and working from home/a different location to the office.

At the beginning of the pandemic many companies were unprepared and needed to react quickly to enable staff to work from home. It is expected that as restrictions are lifted, employees who work from home on a regular basis will increase to 37%, compared to 18% pre-Covid-19. A CIPD survey also revealed that 33% of employers plan to introduce a form of hybrid-working in the future.

So How Can You Make Hybrid-working Work?

If you choose a hybrid-style working model for your company, it is important to remain focused on structure. Working from home gives employees more independence and freedom to choose their own working hours. It is therefore crucial that employers focus on work output and delivery rather than simply hours spent in the office. Structure needs to be the priority whilst managing a hybrid workforce. We recommend having set days in the office dedicated to meetings and company collaboration.

Why Return at All?

Working from home has its silver linings; Time and money saved on the commute and spending more time with family and the kids. However, we do think it is important to return to the office in some fashion.

  • It allows staff to interact and socialise with their team in a way that WFH may prevent.
  • Some employees find it difficult to create a home-life/work-life balance whilst WFH.
  • Getting back into the office (even part-time) will create a ‘sense of normality’, which we believe will benefit the wellbeing of staff.


The Take-Home Message

We cannot predict what is going to happen in the future and it’s clear to see that the events of the past 12 months have shaken many industries. Moving forward, we need to focus on how these changes will shape how we all work in the future. Hybrid working has an advantageous environmental impact that many were keen to see for years prior to 2020.

Ultimately, we are optimistic about the future of the office and we are excited to see how companies adapt to this new way of work in years to come.

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