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Building Surveying In Oxford

As fully qualified, chartered surveyors, John Burke Associates are happy to provide building surveying throughout Oxford. As we have a wide range of services available, we can complete accurate surveys on all private commercial and public-sector properties. Any defects or concerns will always be quickly identified regarding your property.

We offer a personal service to our clients and are always available for advice and consultancy regarding any construction. We can guide you through all projects, from initial design and planning to your construction. Our building surveying will ensure construction is completed correctly and meets all legal requirements.

Building Surveying Services

We aim to complete building surveying to the highest possible standard, ensuring all construction work is completed correctly and safely. As we also provide project management, we can oversee your entire project and ensure there are no issues throughout. Having completed several projects in Oxford in the past, we are well equipped to complete project management for any client. The services we have available to complete this to a high standard include:

  • Adjudication & Expert Witness
  • Design, Detailing & Space Planning
  • Party Wall Surveying
  • Planning & Reactive Maintenance Programming
  • Preparation of Specifications

During all our planning, we will consider the design brief you want to achieve and how this can be completed. When completing project management, all construction will be completed correctly using the highest standard of equipment and materials, no matter what size your project is. Any problems we find during construction will be immediately resolved, to meet all requirements during building surveys.

In addition to our building surveying in Oxford, there are a range of other surveys and evaluations we can complete. Surveys our team offers include:

  • Asset Management Condition Surveys
  • Defect Diagnosis Surveys
  • Due Diligence & Building Surveys
  • Measured Surveys

All our building surveys will ensure your property is in the best possible condition and safe for use for staff members and the public. We also aim for properties to meet the DDA Equality Act and we will provide DDA access audits to evaluate the accessibility of your property. Every aspect of construction will be thoroughly checked so projects finish quickly and meet your expectations.

Quantity Surveying & Inspections

In addition to our building surveying, there are a wide range of other services we have available in Oxford. Our quantity surveying will ensure that all costs of the projects are planned for and budgeted accordingly. Cash flow forecasts can also be created as well as financial reports to give an overview of all resources and building costs during the project. We want all customers to finish their project, with all work being completed within a suitable budget.

John Burke Associates are also fully qualified clerks of works. Whether you have a newly built or existing property, completing regular site inspections should be done. As a clerk of works, we will evaluate any risks with your property and can always offer advice on what changes are required. This will help reduce costs of future repairs and expand the lifespan and durability of every aspect of your property. After our quality site inspections, properties will be in a great condition.

During our property inspections, we can always test the quality and durability of materials. As project management is also available, construction for our clients will always be completed with quality materials and safety measures for all needs. Any defects or problems must always be removed and managed effectively. If you require consultancy, our team will guide you through this process and ensure good property condition is restored.

Chartered Surveyors In Oxford

With a population of over 170,000 people, Oxford is a fantastic city that we love working in. With Oxford having many notable examples of architecture throughout the city, it is an area we are happy to provide our project management to. Working with private commercial and public-sector properties, we can work on every project to create new architecture throughout the city.

Oxford is home to many great architectural properties and several other landmarks. This makes Oxford great to work in, live in and visit as a tourist. Just some of the landmarks you should consider seeing in Oxford include Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford Castle and the world-renowned Oxford University. These are just some of the landmarks throughout the area and there are many other places of interest that you could visit in the city.

Since being established in 1982, John Burke Associates has always provided a quick response to clients located throughout the Oxford area. Every client located here should have a reliable team available for building surveying and a wide range of other services including project planning and construction. We can provide a free quote and organise consultation with our clients from oxford, ensuring you receive a personal service throughout the project.

Choose John Burke Associates Building Surveyors

Our team have over 35 years of experience and since being established in 1982, we have continued to build our reputation. We want all clients to achieve their dream property through any project. Whether this is a new build or adding to your current property, our building surveying and project management ensures construction is completed to the highest standard. You will always be left fully satisfied by the work we complete, even if this is a small survey.

Operating nationally but always providing a quick response in Oxford, there is no client we cannot assist. Having worked on a range of projects in the past, our team are well equipped to complete building surveying and project management for all construction. Having built our reputation over several years, we aim to continue reaching these high standards and complete every project, with our customers fully satisfied.

Since our establishment, we have gained and been accredited several qualifications with different associations. Due to the high standard of work we complete, as well as our dedication to helping the environment and adhering to all health and safety, we have achieved accreditation with:

Being fully qualified and having great experience in all aspects of the industry, our team are suitable for any work. No matter what survey you require, or the detail of building surveying needed, we will make ourselves available.

Book Building Surveying In Oxford

If you require building surveying for any sized projects in Oxford, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are happy to discuss surveys and the range of other services that we have available. Call John Burke Associates today on 01908 768 405 to speak to our team. You can also get a free quote or book a consultation with our team by making an enquiry through our contact form.