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Clerks of Works Site Quality Inspection Services

We undertake systematic and vigilant inspection of construction works in progress, with particular regard to the elements of workmanship, materials and compliance to standards.

Clerks of Works Site Quality Inspection Services

Inspiring confidence when quality on projects and risk reduction is demanded.

The construction process is becoming increasingly complex.  Design modification, reworks, delays, claims, defects etc. are compromising time, cost and quality deliverables.  Our aim is to proactively assist the Client, Contractor and Project Team to realise a ‘Zero Defects’ project.

Some of the key benefits of adopting our services include:

  • The highest possible standard in quality is achieved;
  • Enhances ‘Right First Time’ initiatives;
  • Reduces operational risks (compliance, delays, quality);
  • Reduces costs (reworks, delays, litigation, insurance, etc);
  • Prolongs the lifecycle and durability of the building; and
  • Improves the marketability of the building by demonstrating that independent third party site quality control inspection has been adopted.

Clerks of Works Site Quality Inspection Deliverables

Our Site Quality Inspection service is headed up by Ian Carey, who is a Fellow and twice Past President of the Institute of Clerks of Works & Construction Inspectorate of Great Britain.

Our Clerks of Works Site Quality Inspection deliverables include:

  • Assess and monitor a constructors’ reliability especially with regard to quality.
  • Review construction information and identify variance.
  • Assess progress against programme.
  • Monitor and mitigate the risks involved in the construction process (quality, safety and environmental).
  • Identify, highlight and record issues before they become problems.
  • Provide a flexible approach to quality control.
  • Verify project plans (quality plans, safety plans, etc).
  • Monitor quality in projects.
  • Monitor material suppliers, contractors and subcontractors.
  • Control and test building materials and witness commissioning tests.
  • Monitor compliance with designs and applicable codes.
  • Monitor the quality of materials and components on and off site.
  • Monitor the safety measures on site.
  • Monitor site environmental criteria.
  • Issue notices of off-site materials and plant.
  • Manage the defects process.

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