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CDM 2015 Health & Safety Advisory

Our CDM 2015 Health & Safety Advisory services include involvement with clients and Principal Designers at all stages to make a significant contribution to reducing risks during construction.

CDM 2015 Health & Safety Advisory Services

John Burke Associates currently act as CDM 2015 Health & Safety Advisers for both the client and the Principal Designer. Therefore we offer them assistance with their respective 'duties'. We also provide expertise and support to ensure clients comply with their statutory obligations.

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Our CDM 2015 Health & Safety Advisory services include:

  • General CDM Health & Safety Support/Advice.
  • Advice on appointing and assembling the Project Team.
  • Appointing a suitable Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.
  • Reviewing existing records and Health & Safety Files.
  • Assistance in jointly agreeing on an appropriate format for the Health & Safety File.
  • F10 Notification to the HSE.
  • We advise the adequacy of the construction phase Health and Safety Plan prepared by the Principal Contractor. This is prior to any commencement on site.
  • Advise on obligations and legal requirements for maintaining the Health and Safety File.
  • Monitoring During Construction.

CDM 2015 Health & Safety Advisory Products

John Burke Associates CDM services aim to improve health and safety on construction sites. As a result, we sensibly plan the work so the risks involved are managed from start to finish. Therefore we aim to mitigate unnecessary accidents and fatalities in the industry.

Our CDM 2015 Health & Safety Advisory Products include:

  • Health & Safety Plans.
  • Pre-Construction Information.
  • Health & Safety Reports & Check Lists.
  • F10 Notification.
  • Health & Safety Files.
  • CDM Appraisal Reports on Project Teams, Principal Designer, and Principal Contractor.
  • Health & Safety Audits.

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