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Chartered Surveyor In Bath

John Burke Associates has several years as a chartered surveyor, offering quantity and building surveying throughout the Bath area. We have a wide range of services available, offering our expertise for all buildings to evaluate the quality of construction effectively. Every project we work on can be completed with minimal risks and high quality throughout construction.

Whether you require assistance during design, project management or surveys of the final project, our team can help. There are several surveys we have available and you will always be advised on what option is most suitable for your project. Once completed, the condition of your project will always meet your expectations.

Chartered Surveying Work

There are a wide range of surveys and surveying products we have available that can be completed on any property. Our building surveying services evaluate every aspect of the property to ensure no risks or damage throughout the building. We want all projects to be completed with high quality materials and with our project management, this will always be guaranteed. The surveys that we have available include:

  • Asset Management Condition Surveys
  • Defect Diagnosis Surveys
  • Due Diligence & Building Surveys
  • Measured Surveys

In addition to this, fire risk assessments and DDA access audits will also be completed. This will evaluate the safety and accessibility of the property, preventing any future problems from occurring. Fire risk assessments will evaluate any fire safety risks, whilst also checking the safety in case of a fire. DDA access audits will assess how accessible the property is so that it adheres with the Equality Act of 2010.

There are several risks assessments we can complete throughout any property, evaluating the safety and quality of materials used during construction. Building surveying will check the property is in good condition and there are no major defects, whether this is a new build or existing property. If any problems are noticed, we can always advise our clients on the changes needed.

John Burke Associates also complete quantity surveying in the Bath area. As a chartered surveyor, we will advise you regarding the costs of your project and how to reduce costs. We offer risk management, cash flow forecasting, cost planning and value management to keep every project within a budget. Whether you require us for project management, or would just like advice regarding your project finances, we have a great understanding of the resources you will require.

Project Management Services

As part of our building and quantity surveying, we can complete project management across any project. Our project management will allow us to assess the quality of construction, keeping every aspect of the building in a good condition. Not only will cost forecasts be made to reduce costs of equipment and resources on the project, but we will assess the quality of all materials used in construction to minimise any potential risks.

Our clients can also be taken through design. We will help with any planning requirements you have and ensure the design is created correctly. If there are any issues with the design, clients will always be advised on what changes must be made for safety, whilst keeping the same style of design that you desired. Our team will take you through the design and construction of any project, preventing any problems from occurring.

As we complete surveys at the end of the project to evaluate the final condition of your building, your property should always adhere to necessary regulations after our project management. As we take you through from start to finish, we always have a good understanding of the final outcome you want to achieve.

Surveyors In Bath

As the largest city in the county of Somerset, Bath is a fantastic area to provide our surveying services. With a population of over 88,000, there are many clients in the Bath area who we can provide our services to. As Bath is an easy location to travel to, close by to the A4 and M4, it is always an area we can deliver our services and ensure all properties here are in the best possible condition.

Bath is known for several ancient landmarks and is home to many points of interest throughout the city. This makes it a great area to visit whether you are a local or a tourist. Just some of the landmarks located throughout Bath include The Roman Baths, Royal Crescent, Bath Abbey, Royal Victoria Park and the American Museum. This is only a selection of the many landmarks located throughout the city, making it the perfect area to live in work in or visit.

Since being established in 1982, John Burke Associates have always provided our services to the bath area, ensuring all clients here have a trusted chartered surveyor. If you are located in Bath, we are happy to deal with any enquiries, providing a quick response to clients here and beginning surveying or project management immediately, if possible. Having completed projects here in the past, we are happy to continue working with clients on any project you require.

Qualified Surveying With John Burke Associates

John Burke Associates has over 35 years of experience as a chartered surveyor and since our establishment in 1982, we have continued to grow our reputation as surveyors of the highest standard. Covering a wide range of services, we are suitable for any project in Bath and the surrounding areas, being well equipped for any task necessary. We want to offer a personal service for every client, ensuring your vision is matched by the standard of our service.

Whether we complete design, project management or property surveys, we can cover every aspect of your project. With all projects completed, we look to deliver environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, offering forward thinking ideas for any design and construction work. With competitive prices, we aim to exceed all client expectations, whilst continuing to build our reputation with a high level of service.

In addition to our personal and tailored service, we are fully qualified and have gained several accreditations since our establishment. Just some of the professional bodies that we are regulated and accredited by include:

With several accreditations, our team are well equipped for any project and will always leave our clients fully satisfied. Our service ensures every project runs smoothly and you have support through design and construction.

Book Chartered Surveyor Consultation In Bath

If you require advice regarding any project in the Bath area or would like to book a consultation with our team, do not hesitate to get in touch. We can provide a quick response and will always answer enquiries from any area. Contact John Burke Associates today on 020 7101 0577 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry and receive a free quote.