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Chartered Surveyor In Coventry

As a chartered surveyor, John Burke Associates are fully qualified to complete a huge amount of work on any project. Working throughout the Coventry area, we will complete project management and accurate surveying for all construction work. Our work ensures construction is completed safely whilst also adhering to all legal regulations required for your property.

Whether you require building, quantity or party wall surveying, our team can deliver an extensive range of services leaving you fully satisfied. Our surveys will provide thorough and detailed checks regarding the safety and quality of your property. As we advise through the planning and construction of your project, we can help every client create their dream property.

Our Surveying Services

Our chartered surveyor can complete several surveys to check for defects or issues with your property. When completing building surveying, we are happy to provide project management to any client, no matter what scale we are working on. Your design will always be discussed as we guide you through the detailing and planning of your final design. We aim to create a design brief that is achievable and meets all your expectations. The surveys we have available include:

  • Asset Management Condition Surveys
  • Defect Diagnosis Surveys
  • Due Diligence & Building Surveys
  • Measured Surveys
  • Party Wall Surveys

All our surveys will ensure your construction is completed safely, without any issues. We will also make sure the finished project has no defects whatsoever and if any alterations must be made, your property will remain in the best possible condition. As part of our service, fire risk assessments and DDA Access Audits can also be completed. This will maintain the highest level of safety and accessibility for any property, adhering it to the DDA Equality Act.

John Burke Associates have completed many projects in the past and as a chartered surveyor, all work will be completed to the highest standard. In addition to our inspections and surveying that checks the condition of all properties, we also complete quantity surveying for all our clients. This can help reduce costs on any project and keep you within a forecasted budget.

All work is completed professionally, ensuring a chartered surveyor is available for every job to deliver the services you need. Once finished, your property will be in the best condition for any staff member or member of the public.

On Site Clerk Of Works

Our chartered surveyor can also act as a clerk of works, providing quality site inspections to every property. Clerks of works will reduce any risks on your property and evaluate the quality of design and materials of every project. We will also control and test building materials to check the quality and durability used in your project.

We want all construction work to be completed with the highest quality materials and as we deliver project management, we can monitor whether safe and quality materials are always used. Our clerk of works will also put safety measures in place before, during and after construction to prevent any risks, injuries or damage occurring to the property or people and surrounding buildings. If any defects are noticed with your construction work, a full inspection can be completed to assure you these defects are altered and repaired.

Costs can also be reduced, whether this is due to delays, reworks, insurance or litigation, we can help limit your costs. Working with you through every aspect of the project, any legal issues will be effectively dealt with. Party wall agreements can also be made so projects are completed without any delays or issues regarding the surrounding areas. Our inspections will correctly evaluate your new property and improve marketability as it will be in a great condition to meet all criteria.

Surveying In Coventry

We believe all clients throughout Coventry should have a chartered surveyor available, no matter what work needs completing. As the 9th largest city in England and with a population of over 345,000, Coventry is a fantastic area to work in, with many clients available who require our services. There is already great architecture within Coventry and we aim to help clients create more outstanding properties to add to the city.

Coventry is also home to many different attractions, which make the city great for living, working and visiting. Just some of the landmarks in Coventry include The Coventry Music Museum, Coventry Transport Museum, Coombe Abbey Country Park, Coventry Cathedral and the War Memorial Park. These are just some of the beautiful locations and points of interest spread across the city. There also many more museums and attractions available to visit.

Since being established in 1982, John Burke Associates have covered many areas nationally. Coventry is one of the areas we have always worked in, providing clients with a quick response and personal service. Our team will always answer any enquiries from the Coventry area, giving you a qualified, chartered surveyor for any projects or jobs you require.

Choose John Burke Associates

Our team at John Burke Associates have over 35 years of experience in the industry, completing a diverse range of jobs. As we were established in 1982, we have continued to develop the services we have available to help clients in every aspect of their project. Offering a personal service, we have guidance and consultancy for all construction work and surveying. We are also environmentally committed on every project, completing construction in an environmentally friendly way.

From quantity and building surveying to project management and clerk of works, we are well equipped to perform any role for private commercial and public-sector projects. As we complete more projects, we only want to improve and enhance our current reputation by continuing our work at the highest standard that meets all our clients’ expectations. Committing ourselves to every job, your design brief will always be met with your final design.

Having completed many previous projects and setting ourselves the highest standards for all our clients, we have achieved many qualifications and accreditations. Just some of our affiliations include:

Having gathered many accreditations, you can always rely on our team for a chartered surveyor and project management. With consultancy from planning to construction, we guide our clients through every project.

Contact Chartered Surveyors In Coventry

If you require a chartered surveyor in Coventry, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are happy to discuss your requirements and answer any enquiries for your project. We can also give information about the many services we have available, so you have a good understanding of what we can complete. For a free quote or to book a consultation, contact John Burke Associates today. You can call now on 01908 768 405 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.