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Clerk Of Works In Nottingham

Clerk of works complete a detailed inspection of all construction works. Every property should adhere to the regulations for materials and safety so that it is compliant with all standards. Our inspections will ensure your property is always in the best possible condition and meets all legal requirements without issue.

In addition to clerk of works, John Burke Associates offer a wide range of service for all construction work. Offering surveying, consultancy and project management, all construction work and property development with our team will be completed to the highest possible standard. With quantity and building surveying available, you can complete the best construction within a budget.

Clerk Of Works Inspections

As your clerk of works, we can reduce costs whilst still delivering the construction you desire. There are a wide range of services we have available as clerks of works. We will advise you on all our services, ensuring you get the exact service you require from our team. Whether you require assistance through design or construction from our team, we will always be available. Our services include:

  • Assess & Monitor Constructors Performance
  • Conduct Audits On Environmental Impact
  • Control & Test Building Materials
  • Identify & Resolve Potential Issues
  • Manage Property Defects
  • Monitor Construction Risks to Environmental, Quality & Safety
  • Monitor Design Compliance On-Site
  • Monitor Quality Of Project & Project Materials
  • Validate Feasibility of Construction & Design Plans
  • Verify Project Plans

As we offer project management to all design and construction work, we are well equipped to complete any clerk of works services to your property. By having these services available, your project will always be completed to the highest possible standard. We want to achieve ‘Zero Defects’ with every project, ensuring there are no issues in any aspect of the construction. Offering constant advice and inspections, we will monitor your project throughout design and construction.

With a good understanding of all materials used in construction, we can help reduce costs on materials and construction workers. We will ensure all projects can be completed within a suitable budget no matter what services you require. By using the highest standard of materials, the lifestyle and durability of all buildings will be improved, making them suitable for all purposes.

John Burke Associates have clerk of works services available for all private commercial and public-sector properties. Offering a selection of services, we will identify any potential issues and dedicate ourselves to every job. Advice can always be given on your construction materials and design plans for the project to complete all work safely and meet legal requirements.

Property Surveying Services

In addition to our clerk of works site inspections, we also have several surveys available to every property. Being fully qualified to complete, building, party wall and quantity surveying, we can offer our guidance on any projects. Building surveys are used to evaluate the condition of every property and fire risk assessments can also be completed by our team.

Quantity surveying will give you cost plans and budget estimates for every project, ensuring construction materials and equipment is always affordable. Quantity surveying will also provide risk assessments of your construction so there are no issues in the project. Party wall surveying is also available to prevent any legal action from surrounding properties when completing construction. We can help settle any disputes over your property development.

As chartered surveyors, we can help every client through design and detailing of projects. We will plan your entire project with great detail, ensuring there will be no issues due to construction. During constructions, we offer defect diagnosis surveys and will also check for DDA access audits to make sure the property is accessible and safe for all potential visitors.

Site Quality Inspection In Nottingham

With a population of over 321,000, Nottingham is a fantastic city to work throughout and the county town of Nottinghamshire. With many features of fantastic architecture already in Nottingham, any project you complete could add to this beautiful city. We will ensure any construction work completed in Nottingham is finished to the highest standard, with every aspect of the property in the best possible condition.

Nottingham is home to many landmarks and attractions, as well as the legend of Robin Hood. Whilst being home to some great scenery, the main points of interest in the Nottingham area include Wollaton Hall and Park, The Arboretum, Old Market Square, National Justice Museum and the City of Caves. With so many great locations throughout Nottingham, this makes it a perfect area for working in, living in and visiting.

John Burke Associates was established in 1982 and our team have always helped clients throughout Nottingham. A quick response can be provided to all our clients in the Nottingham area, ensuring surveys and clerk of works are available whenever you require. No matter what project you are completing and what construction work is required, our services are available. We offer a personal service to clients in Nottingham and offer competitive rates for all the services we have.

Why Choose John Burke Associates?

With over 35 years of experience having been established in 1982, John Burke Associates are suitable for any project and construction work throughout Nottingham. As experienced clerks of works, our team are well equipped to complete every job professionally and to a high standard. Offering advice through design and construction, we always meet our clients’ expectations. We always aim for a personal service, where your vision is always matched by the service we deliver.

Since our establishment, John Burkes Associates have built a fantastic reputation and gained several accreditations. Our clients should place complete trust in our team and always have someone to turn to with full dependability. John Burke Associates aim to provide this and give clients peace of mind with all construction work for new or existing properties. The accreditations we have received include:

Having been accredited by several organisations in the past, our team are well prepared for all project surveying and management. By working closely with our clients, we have a good understanding of the design brief you look to achieve. We can advise you on planning details and will leave you fully satisfied with the condition of your new property.

Book Clerk Of Works Inspections In Nottingham

If you require clerk of works inspections to any property in the Nottingham area, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are happy to provide consultancy and advice regarding any of our services and give any additional information you require. Call our team today on 020 7101 0577 or if you would like to make an enquiry, get a free quote or book consultation, fill in our contact form today.