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Clerk Of Works In Manchester

As clerk of works in Manchester, John Burke Associates will evaluate and inspect all properties, ensuring construction is of the highest standard. Whilst also offering project management, our team can guide you throughout construction, always offering our consultancy. With several years of experience in the industry, our expert advice is available for all clients.

We are happy to work with clients from the private commercial and public sector, no matter what projects are completed. Our clerk of works service is available for projects of any scale and any property throughout Manchester. Inspections will always be completed accurately, monitoring every aspect throughout your construction.

Our Clerk Of Works Services

As a clerk of works, there are several services we have available during the construction of every property. We want to ensure the highest possible standard in quality is achieved with every project and clerk of works inspections will check this has been achieved. The other services we have available as clerks of works are:

  • Improves Marketability
  • Prolong Lifecycle & Durability of Buildings
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reducing Operational Risks

Having our inspection services will offer all these benefits and maintain the current condition of any new builds or renovations. With every project completed, ‘Zero Defects’ is achieved. This means throughout the property there are no minor issues that could lead to further damage or cause risks. As well as inspection during and after construction, we can also verify any project plans you have. By evaluating your design before beginning the project, materials and construction can always be achieved to the highest standard.

We can provide our clerk of works service to any property, across any sector. This includes educational, healthcare, financial, public, commercial and residential properties. No matter what sector your property is in, our team are always well equipped to deliver clerk of works and project management for all construction.

Property Surveying & Consultancy

Offering a comprehensive range of services, John Burke Associates specialise in surveying all properties. We can offer advice and consultancy throughout your project, whilst managing from design to construction. Surveying should be completed on a regular basis as well as when renovations and construction is initially finished. Working with clients in Manchester, we can always provide surveying to any properties within the area.

Whether we complete project management, or you only require us for surveying, we will provide consultancy regarding any alterations that should be made to your property. Our team ensure the best materials, from reputable suppliers are always used during construction. You will always have the best opportunity to create your dream home that meets all legal requirements and safety measures.

Both quantity and building surveying is available for all clients, evaluating any defects or risks within the property. Quantity surveying will evaluate the costs of every project, giving you the planning and budgeting you require for construction. All properties can be developed in great condition, with no risks or defects in any aspect of the building. This is something we always look to achieve and through quantity and building surveying, you will be left fully satisfied.

Property Inspections In Manchester

As a clerk of works in Manchester, our team can provide professional property inspections throughout the city. With a population of over 530,000 and an urban area of over 2,550,000, Manchester is a massive city in the UK and an area we are always happy to provide our services. Manchester is the second largest city in the UK, making it a great area to work in, live in and for tourism and visiting the area.

As it is such a large city, Manchester is home to many fantastic landmarks and attractions that are always worth visiting. Just some of the landmarks within the Manchester area include The John Ryland Library, Manchester Museum, Museum of Science & Industry, Royal Exchange Theatre and Manchester Art Gallery. Manchester is also home to the two Manchester football clubs and their stadiums, Old Trafford and the Etihad Stadium.

Since being established, we have always provided our surveying and clerk of works throughout the Manchester area. No matter what private commercial or public-sector property you require construction on, our quantity and building surveying and expert advice will help. We will ensure all properties throughout Manchester are in the correct condition, whether this is for visitors to use safely or for a workplace. A quick response will always be available for clients in the Manchester area regarding any of our services.

Working With John Burke Associates

John Burke Associates was established in 1982 and has always provided a wide range of services throughout Manchester. We aim to deliver a personal service to all our clients, ensuring your property is in the best possible condition. By providing consultancy and project management, from design to construction, your perfect property will be achieved. Once surveys are completed, no defects or damage will be left in the property, helping retain a good condition.

In addition to this, all our services are completed with environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions available to properties. With over 35 years of experience, we can complete trusted work in the Manchester area. Over the years, we have also become accredited surveyors and project managers by many associations. Our accreditations include:

We understand construction work on any property can be a hassle for our client. We aim to make this process as easy as possible with surveying and planning to manage your entire project. Our client’s expectation will always be met with our range of services. Our team are dedicated to every job we complete, ensuring all construction is carried out safely and can be completed within a budget.

Contact Clerk Of Works In Manchester

If you would like to contact our clerk of works or discuss the other services we have available in Manchester, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will provide quantity and building surveying for any clients, ensuring your property is in great condition. Call John Burke Associates today on 020 7101 0577 or fill in our contact form if you would like to make an enquiry, get a free quote or book consultation. We will always provide a quick response to all our clients for any service you require.