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Building Surveying In Canterbury

John Burke Associates provide a wide range of services throughout Canterbury for all construction projects. Working on both private commercial and public-sector properties, we will assist in both new builds and renovations to existing properties. Offering building surveying, we ensure construction is completed safely and left in great condition.

In addition to the surveying and inspections available, our specialist team will also deliver any advice and consultation you require. Whether this is regarding your planning and design or the construction work being completed, we are happy to help. Having worked with many projects in Canterbury in the past, we have a good understand of what our clients require.

Building Surveying Role

There are several roles we can work as on any project and as a building surveyor, we have the best opportunity to influence your project. Not only will we ensure the construction is completed correctly, inspections and surveys are available to evaluate every aspect of the property. Working in several different sectors, we can help all clients on a huge section of their projects.

As part of our building surveying, we will guide you through both the planning and construction. We will work on the design, detailing and space planning of your project. Although we want every design to be tailored specifically to our clients, we can advise on any design changes needed before construction begins. If a problem or risk occurs due to the initial design, alteration can always be made to our team to resolve these issues.

Once construction is complete, we will also deliver both fire risk assessments and DDA access audits. This will ensure the property is accessible for all members of the public and adheres to the DDA Equality Act. Your property should always complete fire risk assessments for complete safety in any possible situation.

With a wide range of surveys available, our team will fully evaluate your property, making sure your property’s materials and structure allow durability and maintain a good condition. Our defect diagnosis surveys will check for any possible risks throughout the property and we can also manage any modifications that need to be made due to these defects. Our building surveying means that every project is completed to the highest standard and built in the best condition.

We deliver a personal service to all our clients, working closely with everyone to deliver the best service and achieve the design you envisaged. With preparation of specifications and reactive maintenance, we constantly work on site to create your project.

Property Surveys & Inspections

As chartered surveyors and qualified clerks of works, John Burke Associates can complete several surveys and inspection on any property. We will also deal with any legal issues you may face during the project, whether this is with party wall agreements or any other problems. Quantity surveying services will reduce costs and risks during your project, allowing all work to be completed within a suitable budget. The surveys that we have available for any property include:

  • Asset Management Condition Surveys
  • Defect Diagnosis Surveys
  • Due Diligence & Building Surveys
  • Measured Surveys
  • Party Wall Surveys

With several surveys available, all properties are constructed in the best condition, with alterations made if any issues occur. During planning and preparation of the project, materials will also be tested for durability and quality to achieve the best quality in construction for any project in Canterbury.

Surveys and inspections should not only be completed during new construction. Having inspections on a regular basis ensures the property stays in good condition and potential issues are resolved quickly before they spread. We can complete regular surveys and inspections, evaluating any issues and always offering expert advice for alterations to these properties.

Qualified Surveying In Canterbury

As one of the most historic cities throughout England, Canterbury is a fantastic area that we love working throughout. With a population of over 55,000, there are many clients throughout Canterbury who can rely on our team for any surveying, inspection and project management work. Although we offer our services nationally, we can always make ourselves available for clients throughout the Canterbury area.

Canterbury is a historic city and full of amazing views and architecture, perfect for living around or visiting. Whilst being historic, Canterbury is still home to many landmarks and places of interest. This includes Canterbury Cathedral, Westgate Gardens, Canterbury Castle, Dane John Gardens and the Howletts Wild Animal Park. These are just some of a selection of attractions located throughout the city.

Working nationally, John Burke Associates are always happy to deliver a personal service to clients in Canterbury. We have always worked with clients in Canterbury since being established and aim to provide a quick response and be the first choice for any clients in the local area. With a wide range of services available, clients here will always be fully satisfied by any work we complete.

Chartered Surveyors At John Burke Associates

John Burke Associates was established in 1982 and has built a fantastic reputation along with 35 years of experience. Our aim is to achieve the highest standard of construction work on every project. Whilst doing this, we want to drive environmentally friendly methods and materials, using our surveys to evaluate the environmental impact of different properties.

We also want to help all our clients complete the perfect project within a budget. By offering quantity surveying, we can reduce your costs and potential risks that could cause damage in the future. Whether we are completing construction in Canterbury or any other area, we want to exceed your expectations and leave you fully satisfied with the final design and style of any construction work.

Our services offer great value for money and can give customers peace of mind regarding their project. As we are also fully qualified and have gained several accreditations, you can always place trust in our team. The affiliations we have gained since being established include:

With so many accreditations, our team are fully equipped for any project of any scale. Whether you require us for minor surveys or complete project management, our team will quickly discuss availability for your project.

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When you require building surveyors in Canterbury, John Burke Associates will always provide a fast response to organise bookings and availability for your project. If you would like to discuss the building surveying services we have available or any other options we have, get in touch today. You can call us now on 020 7101 0577 or fill in our contact form to make any enquiries necessary. We can provide a free quote and organise a consultation session for any client.