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Here at John Burke Associates, we are a practice of chartered surveyors and chartered building consultants and have over three decades of experience in providing our specialist services throughout Milton Keynes. Our team of professional and experienced surveyors are able to provide cost-effective and reliable building surveying and project services in order to meet our clients requirements, regardless of what they may be. We operate nationally in both private commercial and public sectors, with extensive knowledge in all aspects of the construction industry.

We operate a quality management system which is certified to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 as well as being certified under ISO 14001:2004 as an Environmental Management Organisation. We are extremely passionate about continuing to review our procedures in order to improve our performance which is also updated and documented within our Environmental Policy.

What Is A Surveyor?

Surveyors are highly-trained, property professionals who can offer knowledgeable and expert advice on the value and condition of a property. When you are considering purchasing a property, it is highly recommended to have a surveyor cast an expert eye over it. this enables you to be reported on key aspects such as the evaluation, potential repairs and the condition of the property.

Which Survey Is For You?

There are a number of different surveys and choosing the correct one for your requirements is very important. Which type of survey you require will depend on the condition and age of your property, as well as how much you would like to spend on the survey. Below are the different types of surveys:

Condition Report – A condition report is the most basic service we can provide, and it is the cheapest. It provides a concise and easily understandable description of the condition of various aspects of the property by using a traffic light system. An indication of any defects which are likely to require urgent attention will also be provided.

Home Buyers Report – A Home Buyer Report is a detailed and vital inspection of a property, the report will inform you on obvious issues and include a valuation and an insurance reinstatement value. Please be aware that the surveyor will not look behind furniture, nor lift up floor boards.

Home Condition Survey – A home condition survey is an in-depth visual inspection of a property; the survey covers the internal and external condition of the property, its services and the structure. This survey includes practical information such as broadband speed, damp assessment and boundary issues for the conveyancer to consider.

Building Survey – Building surveys are the most comprehensive survey available for properties and will provide a detailed evaluation of a property’s condition. This report will detail the condition of each element of the property as well as identify the property’s defects, their apparent cause, the urgency of repair, maintenance options and can also include an indication of the cost to repair.

If you feel as though you are in need of one of the surveys listed above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01908 768 405.

Project Management Surveyors

Our project management services help our clients decide specific aspects of the work they would like to have carried out on their property. This process will begin by our surveyor giving advice on the materials which must be used for the construction and what specific parts of the property need to be repaired. Once this has been discussed we will then start the planning and design of your new project; we will be more than happy to help you keep costs minimal by budgeting the materials which will be required.

We are passionate about building a good relationship and trustworthy manner with our clients within Milton Keynes, meaning you can guarantee to rely on us to manage your project professional, correctly and safely.

Surveyors Working In Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a relatively new town which was formally designated as a new town on 23 January 1967. The area still has a rich history with evidence of human settlement dating back to the 2nd millennium BC. When the Government decided to build Milton Keynes in the 1960s, the area was mostly undeveloped villages and farmland, however, archaeological finds revealed that history of the area is incredibly rich.

With such an inspiring history for a town which has it just turned 50 years old, is obvious that Milton Keynes has many landmarks which can be visited. The world famous Concrete Cows were created in 1978 by the Canadian artist Liz Leyh and a group of local schoolchildren; a much loved piece of public art, which is definitely worth a visit. An extremely famous landmark of the town is Milton Keynes Bowl, a venue which has played host to the likes of Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Take That. One of Milton Keynes’ more modern landmarks is The Stadium MK; home of the MK Dons. It brought league football to the Milton Keynes for the first time just over ten years ago.

If you would like to find out more information on the amazing landmarks which Milton Keynes has to offer, please visit here.

When Are We Available In Milton Keynes?

Here at John Burke Associates, we are dedicated to working 5 days a week within the hours of 8:45am – 5:15pm. During these hours we are able to travel to specific locations throughout Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas in order to provide our services to all clients who require them. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01908 768405. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via our contact form, a member of our professional, friendly will be more than happy to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.