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Insurance & Financial Claims

John Burke Associates will deal with insurance and financial claims during building projects and surveying in the Essex and London areas. Call us today on 01708 770 770.

Insurance & Financial Claims Management In Essex and London

During building projects, if you have to deal with the issue of insurance claims and financial losses, it can become a stressful time. Our team at John Burke Associates can help manage your building project whilst dealing with all your financial claims at the same time, ensuring safety and construction is kept within a tight budget.

We will deal closely with all loss assessors and adjustors so that your claim is dealt with effectively. At the same time, we will ensure this causes no disruption to you and does not become involved with the building project that you are involved in.

Whilst dealing with the entire management of your construction project from materials and budgeting, we will also provide you with advice on property insurance. We will make sure you receive no unwanted costs due to insurance and that your project goes ahead without any issues. We will also assist with any insurance claims you believe you have a right to.

Insurance Claims Assistance

We have great experience dealing with insurance claims and all our staff members have the correct knowledge of legislation for every company we deal with. With our team, every stage of the process will be dealt with professionally and effectively.

We will help you with a wide range on insurance and financial claims and if you are unsure if we can help, you can always make an enquiry to our team. We are happy to provide you with an answer. Just some of the insurance claims that we can deal with include:

  • Building Defect Reports
  • Defect Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery Advice
  • Insurance Advice
  • Insurance Claim Assessment & Negotiations
  • Insurance Reinstatement Cost Valuation
  • Project Management

By providing reports and surveys on the buildings that we work with, there will be no risk of any future damage once the evaluation is complete. We can then recommend the maintenance you need to keep the property in good condition.

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Call the John Burke Associates team today if you would like to enquire about any insurance issues you may have in Essex. We will also deal with the management of your building projects to health and safety guidelines in place. Call us today on 01708 770 770.