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Why Employ a Project Manager?

Project Management Division

Here at John Burke Associates, we offer our clients a comprehensive project management service. Our collaborative project management division delivers successful projects which realise the client’s aspirations. We apply a variety of methodologies and process models to exceed client expectations. In this blog we discuss how employing an experienced project management team will benefit your project.

The Quality-Cost-Time Conundrum

The Quality-Cost-Time Conundrum is also known as the Project Management Triangle or Iron Triangle. This concept states that the three primary constraints of any project are quality, cost, and time. The conundrum lies in the fact that these three factors are interdependent. Therefore, improving one may come at the expense of the other two. For example, if you want to improve the quality of a project, you may need to increase the cost or extend the timeline. Similarly, if you want to complete a project quickly, you may need to sacrifice some quality or increase the cost.

The Role of a Project Manager

The role of project management is to find the optimal balance between these constraints that will result in a successful project. Our Project Management Division works with stakeholders to define the scope of the project including goals, deliverables, timelines, and budget. We work with our clients to prioritize the project requirements. This includes risk assessment which identifies potential project risks and ensures such risks are mitigated.

From Inception to Completion

Working alongside stakeholders we develop a realistic project schedule that accounts for the available resources, timelines, and budget. We will monitor the progress of the project making necessary adjustments to ensure that the project meets deadlines. Whilst also tracking expenses, identifying areas where costs can be reduced, and ensuring that the team stays within budget.

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If you wish to discuss your project, contact us today on 01708 770770. We offer a full compilation of Chartered Surveying & Chartered Building Consultancy services. This includes full independent construction and property advice on technical and management matters.


The Fire Safety Act 2022 and Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022

Fire Safety Act

Yesterday the newly amended The Fire Safety Act 2022 and Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 came into force. The changes to the act implement most recommendations set by the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 report. It is vital developers keep up-to-date with all the latest legislation. Violation of the FSA can lead to fines, imprisonment, or both.

What is the Fire Safety Act?

The Fire Safety Act (FSA) is the primary legislation in the United Kingdom that sets out the fire safety requirements for non-domestic buildings. The Act applies to all commercial, industrial, and public buildings. As well as common areas of multi-occupied buildings such as apartment buildings and dormitories. The FSA places a legal responsibility on the “responsible person” for a building typically the owner or occupier. They must ensure that the building is safe from the risk of fire and that it meets certain fire safety standards.

What are the obligations of the responsible person?

Under the FSA, the responsible person must conduct a fire risk assessment to identify any hazards that may put occupants at risk in the event of a fire, and to implement measures to reduce or eliminate those hazards. This may include installing fire alarms and other fire protection systems, providing fire-fighting equipment, and ensuring that the building is properly ventilated and that exits are clearly marked and easy to use. However, the new legislation gives additional responsibilities for high-rise residential buildings. Namely, multi-occupied residential buildings of at least 18 metres in height or seven or more storeys.

Fire Safety Management Plan

The FSA also requires that all commercial buildings have a fire safety management plan in place. The plan should outline the procedures and protocols that will be followed in the event of a fire, including evacuation procedures, the roles and responsibilities of different staff, and the locations of fire-fighting equipment and emergency exits.

Employ an Expert

Project Managers have a critical role to play in ensuring compliance with the Fire Safety Act throughout the project life cycle. From design to occupancy and management of the building. John Burke Associates provides independent expert advice on all aspects of technical support and management functions. With our guidance you can achieve a “zero defects” project through our portfolio of tailored services.


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Managing Success an Employers Guide

Employers Agent

Employer’s Agent

As an employer’s agent John Burke Associates understand the ongoing pressure of trying to keep a good balance. Success is that word we all strive to achieve in business, but success must be maintained. Therefore, the question is, once you have achieved success, how do you manage it?

Whilst we do not claim to have all the answers, the team have put together a short list of pointers. This month’s blog consists of 5 hints and tips to manage success. However, if you need elaborate advice on a matter you can call 01708 770 770 to talk to us directly.

5 Ways to Manage Success

Project Management Services

Project Management Services

Time Management

Something that every business owner has been guilty of at some time or another is poor time management. Especially in a company’s infancy, it can be tempting to over commit yourself. You want to please everyone, show your commitment and above all achieve success. However, in doing so your actions could be counter-productive to the cause. Over committing either yourself or your employees will have negative results. Listen to your employees, understand their role and the time it takes. Be honest with your clients, don’t put yourself in an uphill battle to complete on a project. Above all never hesitate to enlist help from an employer’s agent when you need it.

Employee Management

Your employees are the backbone of your business. If you look after your employees, they will look after your business. The most common detriment to success is failing to listen to others. It is nothing short of commendable you have succeeded in business, but could you do this without your employees? Respecting their role in the well-oiled engine that is your company will go a long way. Especially when it comes to making detrimental decisions within the company. In addition to the good practice as an employer, you have legal responsibilities and a duty of care. Being unsure of your obligations can become a costly mistake. Talk to our team at John Burke Associates today on 01708 770 770 for professional advice.

Employee Management
Financial Management

Financial Management

Consistent cash flow and keeping a healthy balance sheet is vital to maintaining success. Although in business some financial risks are unavoidable, such risks should always be calculated. Don’t be afraid to seek advice when it comes to the financial forecast of your project. Your clients would be more impressed by an accurate forecast than a low estimate. As Employers agents and project management company we can alleviate the burden of financial planning and management.

Your Word

The ultimate key to maintaining success is to treat your word as a binding contract. Never promise your time if you are unable to commit it. Don’t agree to deadlines you do not feel comfortable with. Trust and respect in business are the seeds to grow solid relationships. If you respect your clients time and they trust your word, your success will continue to grow.

Employer’s Agent
Life Management

Life Management

We all tend to forget that we work to live, not the other way around. Taking time for yourself away from the business is just as important. Success means nothing if it leaves you feeling burnt out and run down. Making time for activities such as holidays, sports or family and friends serves as a reminder to why we work. Time to yourself lets you enjoy the fruits of your labour, recharge your energy and motivates your work ethic. Working with an employer’s agent such as John Burke Associates on your project will allow you to achieve a healthier work, life balance.

John Burke Associates go to MIPIM 2019

Project Management Services

Project Management Services

Project Management Services

MIPIM 2019

Last month, two of our Directors, Stephen Burke and Darryl Pounds, visited Cannes for the world’s leading property market event, MIPIM 2019.  MIPIM provides a perfect opportunity for networking with new clients and catch up with our existing Clients and acquaintances. This provided a good platform to promote our business. Particularly Project Management services Quantity Surveying services, Building Surveying services, CDM services and Clerk of Works Site Inspection services.

It is rare in our industry that we can meet so many contacts in such a short time, all in the same place.  Therefore, it didn’t take much persuasion for Stephen and Darryl to visit to the cultural city of Cannes for the MIPIM event. Of course, the sunshine and sailing did not contribute to their decision at all.

What is MIPIM?

Quantity Surveyors

While this was John Burke Associates’ first visit to MIPIM, the annual event dates back to 1990. With over 26,000 participants, including the most influential players from all sectors of the property market in attendance. From investors and financial institutions, to developers and architects worldwide, MIPIM is unrivalled in its ability to bring the entire real estate value chain together.

Quantity Surveyors

Our Experience

Property Development Projects

Arriving the day before the start of the MIPIM 3-day event, Stephen and Darryl had time to unpack and unwind. A chance to explore the bustling city of Cannes, soak up some of its fine culture and breath-taking sights. This was a great start to a productive week for our Directors at John Burke Associates.

The event itself was impressively executed from start to finish with excellent hospitality.  Steve and Darryl enjoyed networking with many of our existing business contacts; they also built many new relationships. MIPIM gave us the opportunity to elevate the profile of our already expanding Surveying, Cost Consultancy and Project Management business.

Engaging Relationships

Property Investment Projects

At John Burke Associates, we believe in building an ongoing relationship with all our Clients and Contracts. Events like MIPIM allow us to both create new connections and build on existing relationships. You can find out more about all of the services we offer below, including Project Management, Quantity Surveying, Building Surveying, CDM and Clerk of Works Site Inspection Services.

Property Investment Projects