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Celebrating Success in Collaboration on Award-Winning Project

Architect of the Year

At John Burke Associates Clerk of Works Division, we are excited to share our recent collaboration with Hall McKnight on the remarkable St. Mary’s Wantage project. The project has garnered acclaim and recognition within the architectural community. This outstanding achievement led to St. Mary’s Wantage receiving the prestigious “One-off Small Project Architect of the Year” award at the Architect of the Year 2023 event. This blog post will delve into the details of this project, the award category, and the significance of this recognition.

The Architect of the Year 2023 Awards

In the ceremony held at The Brewery in London, the Architect of the Year 2023 awards celebrated the excellence and innovation within the architectural sector. This event brought together the brightest minds and most talented professionals in the industry, serving as a platform to acknowledge their contributions.

Recognising Excellence

The “One-off Small Project Architect of the Year” award, which St. Mary’s Wantage secured, stands as a testament to architects who excel in non-domestic projects of relatively small scale. Whether through new construction or refurbishment, this award category is specifically designed to highlight unique one-off small projects. To be eligible for this award, an entry must showcase a single completed non-domestic project constructed between December 1, 2021, and December 1, 2022, with a project value not exceeding £5 million.

St. Mary’s Wantage: The Award-Winning Project

St. Mary’s Wantage reflects the creative genius of Hall McKnight and the meticulous oversight of John Burke Associates Clerk of Works Division. This project embodies the essence of the “One-off Small Project Architect of the Year” award, showcasing design excellence within a limited budget.

Design Excellence That Shines

The judges at the Architect of the Year 2023 awards evaluated entries for evidence of design excellence, and St. Mary’s Wantage undoubtedly delivered on this criterion. The project not only met but exceeded expectations, demonstrating the remarkable results that can be achieved in the realm of small-scale, non-domestic architecture. The synergy between design and execution was evident in every detail of the St. Mary’s Wantage project.


Our collaboration with Hall McKnight on St. Mary’s Wantage has resulted in a remarkable architectural achievement that has received well-deserved recognition within the industry. Winning the “One-off Small Project Architect of the Year” award serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence, creativity, and the successful execution of small-scale non-domestic projects. We are proud of this accomplishment and look forward to more opportunities to contribute to outstanding architectural endeavours in the future. We would like to congratulate Hall McKnight on also being awarded the overall Gold Award and Refurbishment Architect of the Year.

ICWCI Building on Quality Awards 2019

Clerk of Works

ICWCI Building on Quality Awards 2019

ICWCI Award Winners

Award Winning Clerk of Works

Last month John Burke Associates attended ICWCI Building on Quality Awards 2019. Our Clerk of Works Jon Tucker was awarded the prestigious Peter Wilson Memorial Trophy. Jon was nominated for the award for his outstanding work on the major refurbishment to the Principle Hotel (formally The Russell hotel) London.

Who is Jon Tucker?

ICWCI Award Winners

Jon is an integral part of the John Burke Associates clerk of works team. His systematic approach coupled with a perceptive nature and perspicuous attributes makes Jon an asset on any project. Therefore, we are delighted that his work has been recognised by the ICWCI. We are proud to have Jon on our team of staff who support our ethos of going above and beyond.

What is the Award?

Peter Wilson Trophy

First introduced in 2013, the Peter Wilson Memorial award is given by the ICWCI to celebrate remarkable achievements. This is a prestigious award, which is in memorial of Vice President Peter Wilson FICWCI. Jon is the fourth recipient since the award’s inception, it is an honour to be nominated and a privilege to win.

Clerk of Works Award
Clerk of Works Award

The Award-Winning Project

Clerk of Works Award

On this occasion, the award was given for Jon’s work on a historic hotel, built in 1898. The Principle London project involved the extensive refurbishment of a historic Grade 2 listed hotel. With a contract sum of £96 million, the design team faced several challenges. Including budget and programme constraints, numerous planning and building applications and a large investment to the fabric of the building.

Due to many refurbishments and a degree of neglect the building required remedial work to ensure it was structurally sound. As such, the extent of the renovation prescribed that mechanical, electrical and public health services were replaced almost entirely. In addition, a significant amount of structural works was required with the existing load-bearing masonry construction.

Spanning over 25 months, the renovation included a hard refurbishment to create 334 individual custom finished rooms. There are also 39 new luxury suites. The public areas have been redesigned to significantly improve guest arrival and experience. At the heart of the building is the reintroduction of a Palm Court with external seating area and winter garden.