John Burke Associates Celebrates Success at Building on Quality Awards 2024

John Burke Associates Celebrates Success at Building on Quality Awards 2024

Celebrating Excellence in Construction

John Burke Associates congratulates Senior Clerk of Works, Gilly Carr FICWCI, for his monumental achievement at this year’s Building on Quality Awards. The prestigious event in Glasgow announces Gilly Carr as the Overall Winner, showcasing his dedication and exceptional skills in construction.

What are the Building on Quality Awards?

The Building on Quality Awards celebrate excellence in construction, recognising individuals and teams for outstanding project results. These awards highlight quality, safety, and innovation in construction, setting a benchmark for the industry. Each year, they bring together professionals to acknowledge hard work, commitment, and contributions.

Gilly Carr’s Remarkable Achievement

Gilly Carr’s recognition as the Overall Winner marks a significant milestone for him and John Burke Associates. His dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards and attention to detail earns him this honour. As a Senior Clerk of Works, Gilly ensures all projects under his supervision meet rigorous standards.

Commitment to Quality at John Burke Associates

Quality drives everything at John Burke Associates. Our team delivers projects that exceed client expectations, adhering to high safety and innovation standards. Gilly’s achievement underscores our commitment to these values, showcasing our professionals’ calibre.

Looking Forward

The recognition at the Building on Quality Awards inspires everyone at John Burke Associates. It reinforces our belief in quality and encourages us to strive for excellence. We are incredibly proud of Gilly Carr and all our team members who make our projects successful.

Join Us in Celebrating

Join us in celebrating this fantastic achievement. Gilly Carr’s success reminds us of what hard work, dedication, and a pursuit of quality can accomplish. As we look forward, we remain committed to these values and delivering exceptional project results. If you need assistance on your next project, speak to our award-winning team at John Burke Associates today.

Senior Clerk of Works
Building Safety Act 2022

Building Safety Act 2022

As we edge past the six-month transition period for Higher Risk Buildings (HRBs), a recent study by NBS sheds light on a significant industry challenge. It reveals that half of the professionals are still in the dark about their responsibilities under the Building Safety Act 2022. This lack of clarity poses a considerable risk to the industry’s ability to adapt and comply with new regulations.

A Call for Better Understanding

The findings are a wake-up call. Only a fifth of those surveyed feel ‘very clear’ on their duties concerning Higher Risk Buildings (HRBs). Such uncertainty underlines the urgent need for enhanced awareness and education. Russell Haworth, CEO of Byggfakta Group, echoes this sentiment. He recalls Dame Judith Hackitt’s firm message on the inevitability of regulatory change. The industry must grasp the intricacies of the Building Safety Act to uplift building safety standards.

The Golden Thread of Building Information

Another pressing issue is the management of the Golden Thread of Information. Less than half of the respondents understand how to maintain essential safety-related building information. A mere 10% have a concrete strategy in place. This gap in understanding and planning is alarming. Dr Stephen Hamil stresses the importance of a continuous, accessible flow of information to uphold safety throughout a building’s lifecycle.

The Role of Robust Specifications

Specifications play a pivotal role in ensuring safety from the design phase. They are crucial for demonstrating compliance with Building Regulations. The Building Safety Act, as Hamil points out, offers a chance for the industry to assert control over design and construction processes. Effective specification writing is fundamental to preventing substandard construction.

Moving Forward with Consistency

If you require assistance with your respective duties contact John Burke Associates today. We provide expertise and support to ensure clients comply with their statutory obligations. Furthermore, we believe in delivering a collaborative service and ultimately gaining the client’s trust and commitment. Therefore, our clerks of works division undertake a systematic and vigilant inspection of construction works in progress. This includes workmanship, materials and compliance to standards.