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Tips for Those Working from Home

Working from Home

During these ambiguous times, businesses across the UK and Europe are facing extraordinary challenges. The COVID-19 crisis has been a formidable force on our usual way of life, both personally and professionally. Many companies like ourselves (chartered surveyors and building consultants) are fortunate enough to continue to do some work safely from home. However, doing so requires us all to adapt our usual daily routines significantly. Therefore, in this blog, we look to explore tips that may help those also working from home during the crisis.

Balance Work and Personal Time

When your home becomes your work environment its hard not to allow the two to entwine. Working from the comfort of your home often leads to working at times you usually would not. For example, your working day finishes, you are browsing online shopping, and a work-related email comes through. It becomes so easy to just pop on and quickly respond but before you know it you have spent an extra hour or two working.

Therefore, it is important you set times for your working day and your own personal time and do not let the two entwine.

Working from Home
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Create a Work Environment in Your Home

Having a set area in your home when working, makes it easier to separate your home and work life. It may be tempting to work from the sofa or other places of comfort while at home. However, if you work in the same place you relax, it can become difficult to disassociate from work in your downtime. In addition, having a set working area means other members of your household know you are working. Whilst it is not always possible to not be disturbed, it can reduce the amount of disruption in your day.

Dress for the Day

It is important to have your work mindset in place when working from home. Therefore, keeping your usual morning routine is the best way to focus your mind. Set your alarm for the usual time and make sure you get up, showered, and dressed as if you are going to work. It can also be beneficial to go for a walk in the morning at the time you would usually commute. Almost like you are walking to work, even if it is just around the block.

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Most Importantly, Stay Safe!

Here at John Burke Associates Chartered Surveyors and Building Consultants, we hope everyone stays safe during these times. While the focus is very much on our physical health, it is vital we all take our mental well being into account. If you are struggling during this time, please use the links below for help and advice for managing your mental health.

The Psychology of Architecture

Building Consultants

The Psychology of Architecture

Chartered Building Consultants Blog

We are a skilled practice of Chartered Surveyors and Chartered Building Consultants. As such we have given a commitment to providing a forward-thinking approach across our portfolio of services. This allows us to provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable service to our clients. Therefore, in this months blog, we give consideration to the psychological effect of architecture in the public and commercial sectors.

Can a building affect your mood?Chartered Surveyors

You may believe that buildings do not have any effect on your mood or physical well being. But buildings are an integral part of our daily environment, we surround ourselves with architecture. So we rephrase the question to “can your environment affect your mood? If you still think it doesn’t we ask you to consider why you take holidays. Most of us are happier led on a beach in the sunshine listening to the waves crash, why? Because this is our optimum environment and it has a positive effect on our well being.

What Evidence Supports The Theory?

While it is difficult to prove the exact psychological effects of a poor design. Both neuroscientists and psychologists agree it is a factor. The findings state we have specialised cells in the hippocampal region of our brains. These cells react to the geometry and arrangement of our environment. A dark area may make you feel cold and can dampen your mood. Alternatively, a poor layout and design can hinder your tasks. This, in turn, has an effect on your overall well being. In contrast, a large open area with bright natural light which is adapted to your routine can reduce stress.

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Which Sectors Are Affected?

“We shape our buildings and afterward our buildings shape us,” – Winston Churchill 1943

Architectural determinism is relevant to all sectors. Schools and hospitals to commercial and housing developments will reap the benefits of considering the occupant’s psychological well being. Combining science and architecture will provide a more future proof investment into construction resulting in sustainability.

Who Is Responsible?

Most assume the architect will take in to account the occupants well being when designing a building. However, historically it has been found that the pressures of providing uniqueness in design often takes priority. Leaving the building design to determine the behaviors of its occupants as oppose to the reverse. As Chartered Building Consultants we work proactively to deliver a successful project which supports the client’s aspirations and well being.

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