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Healthcare Property Consultants

John Burke Associates

Healthcare Property Surveying

If you are looking to buy, sell or rent healthcare properties, John Burke Associates will always offer expert advice in London and Essex. Call us today on 01708 770 770.

Healthcare Property Consultants In Essex and London

When you are looking to use healthcare property for business or personal use, you should seek the help of chartered surveyors to ensure the property is safe to use. Healthcare properties should always be clean and hygienic if patients are being cared for. John Burke Associates ensure this is the case when you decide to use healthcare properties.
Our team will provide detailed advice and reports on the property you are selling, renting or buying to ensure the condition is of a high standard. This will ensure buyers and sellers get the correct price for this property without any risks.

Property Health & Safety

For all buildings, health & safety regulations are essential and this is even more important for healthcare properties. John Burke associates offer fire risk assessments throughout Essex to all properties to minimise the risks in case of a fire. This can be carried out on new and recently purchased properties as well as those that you have had for a long time.

Furthermore, we will give thorough checks and surveys to the properties you look to purchase. We will ensure that the valuation and feasibility of your property are completely accurate so you spend the correct amount. If there are any issues, we will recommend the repairs and maintenance needed.

Surveying Services Available

Our surveying services will ensure that you have all the details about the property in question. This will ensure that when you decide to purchase, there are no surprise flaws in the design and structure. You can also see the costings of any repairs or maintenance that may be needed within the property.

We will provide advice on all property matters and with surveys including repairs, maintenance, design and materials within the property. If any changes must be made such as repairs or extensions for the building, we will also assist with these issues. Our project management service ensures during any construction on the building, work is carried out professionally. We will also ensure that correct material is used and budgeted for the best prices.

When working in a healthcare property, the infrastructure of your building must be correct. Our fully trained staff can provide building surveying to maintain the safe structure of properties.

If you are looking to buy, sell or rent healthcare properties, John Burke Associates will always offer expert advice in Essex and London. Call us today on 01708 770 770.

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Talk to John Burke Associates for advice and professional consultancy services if you are interested in healthcare properties. Our building surveys will ensure you make the right choice. Call us today on 01708 770 770.