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Professional Employer’s Agents In Essex

John Burke Associates

Employer’s Agents Services | Essex

Our staff at John Burke Associates are fully trained to act as employer’s agents and provide many services as your agent. Call us today on 01708 770 770.

Professional Employer’s Agents In Essex

As we provide a range of services such as project management which includes the financial management of your project, we can always act as employer’s agents for projects throughout Essex. John Burke Associates have great knowledge of the industry and can provide services as contract administrator for design and builds clients.

We can work with both employees and third parties to ensure that contracts are discussed in detail. Our team always review information and details for the contractor and approve as many items as you require.

Why Should You Use Employer’s Agents?

Employer’s agents are most commonly needed when you intend to build a new property. Employer’s agents will help you find a fixed cost for making this building, so you are not worried about budgets and how much more money will be spent. As employer’s agents, we will exercise the opportunities of the client under a Design & Build Contract.

If you are unsure about the costs within your project, this is usually a great option. Whether it is because of costs you do not include or just calculating initial costs, John Burke Associates will ensure you get this right. We will consider all potential costs from licenses, warranties and any other possibilities.

We are always happy to deal with third parties and prepare and report progress throughout your project based on your finances. Apart from creating the contract suitable for our clients, we also offer a range of services personal to each person we work with and the project they want.

Our Employer’s Agents Services

We will look to reduce the costs for all our clients in the Essex area and prepare the best possible contract for your project to run smoothly. As your agent, we will provide several different services to ensure that this happens:

  • Accurate Record Keeping for Auditing Purposes & For Monitor Changes
  • Administer the Building Contract
  • Advise on Contracts & Warranties
  • Chair Project Meetings to Review Progress
  • Change Control Procedures to Obtain Formal Sign Off
  • Client’s Brief Is Sufficiently Developed at Pre-Contract Stage
  • Closedown & Review
  • Countdown Review in Obtaining Documentation For Handover
  • Early Warning System to Pro-Actively Manage Future Events
  • Establish the Impact & Prioritise The “Key Driver” – Quality, Cost & Time
  • Implement Control Procedures for Costs, Time & Quality
  • Implement Emergency Call Out Procedures
  • Issue Instructions & Certificates
  • Liaison with Third Parties
  • Manage Testing, Commissioning & Handover
  • Planned V. Actual Approach Monitoring Specific Tasks
  • Prepare Progress & Financial Reports/Trackers
  • Regular Site Presence & Site Monitoring
  • Report Progress Against an End of a Stage
  • Review the Items on The Critical Path
  • Risk Identification, Management, Evaluation & Elimination
  • Risks Register to Record Items That May Be Causing Concern
  • Team & Contractor Motivation

Our staff at John Burke Associates are fully trained to act as employer’s agents and provide many services as your agent. Call us today on 01708 770 770.

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John Burke Associates are always available if you require employer’s agents in the Essex area. We will provide everything from the agreement of client contracts to the project management during construction. If you require our services, get in touch today and call 01708 770 770.