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Education Property Surveyors

John Burke Associates

Education Property Consultants

Make sure educational properties in Essex and London are seen to by professional consultants and surveyors. Call John Burke Associates today on 01708 770 770.

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Education Property Surveyors In Essex and London

Educational properties should always be seen to by trusted surveying and consultancy professionals to ensure the property is in the correct condition. John Burke Associates provide consultancy services for a wide range of buildings including those used for education.

Established in 1982, we have a great understanding of the industry and huge experience dealing with the surveying of all properties. We are environmentally committed and always looking for the best options if the building requires maintenance that will benefit you and surrounding areas.

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Our Surveying & Consultancy Services

When you have a property used for education, it is important to have surveying and consultancy for the property regularly. This will ensure that when the property is used on a daily basis, there is complete health and safety at all times and no risk of damage which could harm any individuals inside the building.

We can cover a complete range of surveys and whether you are looking for just small parts of the building to be surveyed or redevelopments of an entire site, we are always able to assist. We can go through the whole property providing a full evaluation on the safety and condition of every aspect.

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Who We Serve

We deal with a wide range of properties in the education industry including:

  • Academies
  • Colleges
  • Free Schools
  • Pre-schools & Nurseries
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Universities

No matter what property you work in, we can provide an extensive survey and report to ensure your building is in the right condition. If you have worries over your property, we will provide a full site survey and can provide project management and fire risk assessments to ensure safety as well as managing any construction you have done so this is completed correctly.

Areas We Cover

Our team have great knowledge of education guidelines so that we fully understand the safety that is required for educational properties. Our surveys will ensure your property lives up to these expectations.

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If you would like your educational property surveyed or would like some consultancy advice to gauge whether it is in the correct condition, call John Burke Associates today on 01708 770 770. We are happy to speak to any clients about their property.