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May 2023

The Role of Commercial Real Estate in Levelling Up.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate plays a crucial role in the process of levelling-up in the UK. Levelling-up refers to the government’s objective of reducing regional disparities and promoting economic growth and prosperity across all parts of the country. Here’s why commercial real estate is vital to achieving this goal:

Economic Growth and Job Creation

With commercial real estate comes space for businesses to operate, expand, and create job opportunities. When businesses thrive, they generate employment, income, and tax revenues. In fact, it contributes more than £60bn of added value to the UKs economy. Furthermore, it employs more than 1m people. By developing commercial real estate in underdeveloped areas, economic growth is stimulated. Consequently, leading to a more balanced distribution of wealth and opportunities.

Infrastructure Development

Commercial development involves improving infrastructure in the surrounding areas. This includes constructing roads, utilities, public transportation systems, and other essential facilities. These infrastructure investments not only support commercial activities but also enhance the overall living conditions of the region. Better infrastructure attracts businesses, encourages private investment, and helps close the economic gap between different regions.

Attracting Investment

Valuable commercial development prospects are a catalyst for attracting domestic and foreign investment into the UK. Investors are more likely to allocate funds to areas with a thriving commercial sector, as it indicates a favourable business environment and growth potential. Increased investment can provide capital for further development, promote innovation, and create a cycle of economic prosperity.

Skills and Talent Retention

Commercial real estate developments can create demand for a wide range of skills and expertise. As such, attracting and retaining talented individuals in the region. This is particularly significant for levelling-up efforts, as it helps to prevent “brain drain” from less prosperous areas to major cities. By providing appealing workspaces and amenities, we can foster a vibrant business ecosystem. Which will in turn encourage skilled workers to remain or relocate to these areas.

Urban Regeneration

Many levelling-up initiatives aim to revitalize deprived urban areas and promote urban regeneration. Commercial projects can play a pivotal role in transforming neglected or run-down areas into attractive business districts. This not only brings economic benefits but also enhances the quality of life for residents by creating new amenities, public spaces, and community facilities.

Diversifying Local Economies

Some regions in the UK heavily rely on specific industries or sectors, which can make them vulnerable to economic shocks. Development that caters to a diverse range of businesses helps broaden the local economy. It encourages the growth of different sectors and promotes resilience by reducing dependency on a single industry.


Overall, commercial real estate development is vital for levelling-up in the UK as it fuels economic growth, attracts investment, creates employment opportunities, improves infrastructure, and promotes balanced regional development.

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