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February 2021

Why Choose RICS Chartered Surveyor?

John Burke Associates  takes pride in providing a personal, but professional service.  The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regulates all work we carry out for our clients. RICS is a professional and global body, which ensures and maintains the highest standard of work. In this month’s blog we look at the importance of choosing a RICS Chartered Surveyor.

A Global Set of Standards

RICS maintains global working standards through extensive training and continued professional development. Therefore, this guarantees you will receive clear, independent and knowledgeable advice. There are over 130,000 surveyors worldwide with a RICS accreditation, working towards a better future. Furthermore, RICS requires all members to have insurance which will protect you and your project.

Regulated by RICS

As we are a RICS-regulated firm, our clients have full confidence that we abide by the highest professional ethical standards and regulations. In addition to the extensive experience and expertise of our surveyors, you also have the knowledge that any work carried out is in line with the following standards.

  • We behave ethically, with the highest level of industry integrity.
  • Being a RICS accredited surveyor ensures that every member of our firm has the competency and skills required to carry out the services we offer.
  • We carry all work out with transparency, and any conflict of interest is made known to the client.

For more information on the standards set by RICS, please visit

Protection for Your Money

Amongst other standards of work, RICS regulates how we keep our client’s money safe. As we are a RICS-regulated firm, we must adhere to client money rules. Therefore, you have complete peace of mind that your money is protected every step of the way.

In Conclusion

It is imperative when choosing a surveyor or a building consultant, to take into consideration what it means to hire a RICS Chartered Surveyor. Here at John Burke Associates, we take pride in knowing that we work to the highest possible industry standards, ensuring that all our clients receive the best possible service.


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